Registration of companies abroad

If the country of incorporation have residency requirements for directors or shareholders.
Nominal service - appointment to public office in the company (Director, President, Secretary) or as shareholders of a company of nominal individuals or entitles.
Parties sign the following documents to protect themselves:

Trust agreement - a document according to which nominal shareholder sends actual owner the right to receive the income of the company, the right to vote on issues of the company, the right to dispose of the share capital of the company. According to this document nominee shareholder shall not perform any action with shares and participate in the activities of the company without the written instructions of the actual owner;
Indemnity letter - a guarantee letter, releasing nominee director from liability;
Director resignation letter - a document with an open date of the dismissal of the director. This document allows you to control nominee director and dismiss him at any time.
If you do not mind to become the owner of the registered company, you can purchase such a company in accordance with the contract of sale of corporate rights, which can be organized by law company.
Purchase of foreign company corporate rights under Ukrainian law is equivalent to the implementation of the cash investment for which is necessary to obtain NBU license.
But if you still want to avoid the procedure for obtaining a license, you can use options to acquire already registered company under the contract of donation.

95% of companies' purchasers do it in this way.

Individual licenses are not required in cases where the securities or other corporate rights obtained by resident individuals as a gift or inheritance in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the system of currency regulation and currency control".
All you have to do on the territory of Ukraine is the point of the gift received in corporate law in the annual tax return and report on income received from investing activities in the annual declaration of income to the tax office at the place of registration. The rate of income tax payable on receipt of a non-resident gift in the form of shares is 15%.
If the taxpayer submits a declaration of inaccurate data and the tax authorities discover this fact, the taxpayer will bear financial responsibility, which is provided by the Tax Code, (fine 510 UAH.).

Founding representative office or branch
Branch of a company or representative office is not a separate legal entity; it acts on behalf of a legal entity and represents its interests outside of the legal entity.
Opening a representative office of a resident of Ukraine abroad is regarded as the implementation of property investment. It is required to obtain a license of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine for the implementation of property investment. The procedure of obtaining license and the list of documents is provided in the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers "On approval of the procedure for issuing licenses to carry out individual resident property investment outside of Ukraine and the Regulations on the monitoring and reporting on the use of assets invested outside of Ukraine."

Also, information about opening a representative office or branch shall be entered in Companies House on the territory of Ukraine, and to conceal the opening is almost impossible.
Investments implementation abroad by residents of Ukraine without a license shall entail liability under the current legislation of Ukraine. Foreign investment abroad without a license is installed liable to a fine in an amount equivalent to the amount of investments converted into the currency of Ukraine at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of investment abroad.
You need to apply the laws of the country of branch (representative office) location if you want to determine the legal status of the representative, the list of documents that define its activities, the registration procedure.
It is recommended to consult law company to avoid mistakes and responsibility.