The advantages of working with a law firm

Nowadays, especially in business, impossible to work without the involvement of a professional in the field of law.

There are different specialists working in legal market such as independently practicing lawyers, staff lawyers, law firms.
Usually companies have legal department consisting of several specialists. Rarely - hire a consultant.

But there is a tendency, when companies ask for support of law firms for one-time legal advice or long-term comprehensive legal services.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners in Ukraine have already realized the benefits of this business adopting the experience of most Western companies. They went out of the way of in-house counsel services in favor of cooperation with law firms. It should be noted that such cooperation is often more efficient and less costly, and is considered more and more prestigious.

Let us dwell on the benefits of working with a law firm.


 First of all, qualification. Why in-house lawyer for the company is not the best solution? The main thing is that qualification of in-house lawyer does not cover all the issues facing the company. In addition, it is hard for the company's management which in most cases is not a lawyer, to determine lawyer's qualification for employment.

Law Firm has a large staff of highly qualified lawyers. Lawyer while hiring for a law firm is interviewed by Law company managers - lawyers with extensive experience who have a direct interest to hire qualified specialist, for reputation and future income. It's no secret that the overall knowledge of the law firm staff always exceed the knowledge of the most well-paid in-house lawyer.

Next advantage is decreasing expenses for lawyer's needs and his workplace. Paradoxically, but in most cases the cooperation with the law firm is less expensive than hiring in-house lawyer. Expenses for in-house lawyer are not only monthly salary. In-house lawyer needs new computer, providing with specialized programs monthly paid, office furniture, office supplies, creating a full-fledged functional workplace and its continued maintenance.

While working with a law firm, company doesn't have any noted expenses. Company can arrange the fees according to the amount of its legal services needs, which will be smaller than the smallest salary of in-house lawyer, or to buy as many services as you need, rather than paying salary for in-house lawyer.

While working with a law firm, company only pays for performed services, not for working time of a staff, that is often used inefficiently.

Also expenses for services, paid for law firm in case of litigation according to legislation will be compensated by defeated side. This is also the way to reduce legal expenses, and as a consequence - legal services of the company.

Competence lawyers

Another advantage – problem of dismissal doesn't exists. We have already talked about the fact that there is a problem of discrepancy of employed person as a lawyer. In this case company will have unpleasant dismissal process - negotiations with employee, searching for formal reasons, possible attempts of employee to reinstate in court. Next problem is to find new candidate and long-term administration in company affaires. In case when company decides to stop working with law firm it simply stops without explanations to order and buy services and pay for them.

Privacy is very important advantage of working with a law firm. Company will be absolutely protected from information leakage while working with law company. All confidential information will remain within the walls of a law firm whether it's a one-time legal advice or a long-term contract. Your competitors or your employees will not be able to get any information. Professional law firm does not gossip about their clients stuff, as it is primarily reputation of the law firm and particular lawyer.
Choosing a law firm is the way to get specialization in many legal matters, fresh perspective and opinion, which is not afraid to express specialist solutions to complex legal problems.
To summarize, the most efficient way of doing business is to order law firm services. So do not waste your time and money, start working effectively, efficiently and modern today.